Frequently Asked Questions

This is our Frequently Asked Questions page which will assist you in learning more about common questions we often get from first time retail accounts with us.  This information can change without notice from time to time.  If these FAQs don’t answer your particular question, please let us know and we will be happy to help you out.

General FAQs

A: We have a simple step-by-step explanation on our Retailer Information page that includes requirements for your store to be eligible.

A: We make every effort to ensure all orders leave the building on the same day that it was received. However if your order is received after 4pm local time, we cannot guarantee it.

A: There are a few different fees that can make up your shipping total:
• Orders shipping to a residential address will have a charge of $3 added per package.
*Residential and extended area fees will not be waived.

**Supplies – Products that are used mainly for storage or protection are considered supplies. These are products like BCW boxes and much of the Ultra•PRO line. Oversized items and items that fall into a dimensional weight category are also considered supplies. There will be additional fees.

A: Wholesale discounts are usually calculated based off of the SRP of a product. The discount varies depending on several factors including, manufacturer, product, and special promotions. Talk with you account manager about specific products and what the discounts are.

A: Yes. We are always happy to see our retailers in person; however, visits are by appointment only. To pick up your order, you must have an order already placed with your Account Manager, then you must schedule a pick-up time.

A: Yes. Visit our web site on a daily basis, like us on Facebook, and check your email for daily receiving.

At this time we are unable to provide an xls or csv file of skus and UPCs. You will have access to our online portal when you open your account and there you will be able to search for anything you need.

A: There are several game manufacturers that have exclusive contracts with other distributors that prevent them from selling certain games to Coqui Hobby. Since this list can change as exclusive deals come and go, please contact your account manager for a current list of games.

Application FAQs

A: DBA stands for Doing Business As. You use a DBA when your legal name is different than your store name. If your store name is the same as your legal business name please leave this line blank.

A: Yes.  You will need to provide proof of your government issued business permit.

A: Retailers can pay by credit card, international wires, cash, check, or PayPal.

A: If you will be paying by credit card we need your information and signature. We will send you a separate credit card release form to fill out if you prefer not to put the card info on the application.

A: The owner of the business MUST sign and date the agreement.

A: You may scan the application, business permit, and photo ID for all owners and email them or you may (snail) mail the app, STC, and photo ID to:
390 S Ronald Reagan Blvd
Longwood, FL 32750

*Please review our step by step process under the Retailer Information section.

A: Yes, you may bring the app and business permit with you. Please be aware that some extra time may be needed to set up the account while you wait. Paperwork must be complete in order to set the account up that day. Cash or credit card payment required for goods received on that day.

A: Once we receive all the necessary paperwork your account will usually be set up within 48 hours. You may then place an order immediately using credit card.