Winter Tales

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Fantasy Flight Games announces Winter Tales, an upcoming board game for three to seven players focused on storytelling and imagination in a vibrant fairy tale world! The game is set in the immersive atmosphere of Wintertown, where players weave a story of the struggle between the Regime of Winter’s soldiers and the rebels fighting for the return of Spring. As players complete quests, lay traps, and engage in battles, they create an entirely new story with every game.

Quest with Iconic Characters

In each game of Winter Tales, players control the actions and efforts of popular fairy tale characters, as the factions of Winter and Spring battle for control. On the side of Winter, characters such as the Wolf, the Mad Hatter, and Candlewick work to squelch the rebellion and ensure that Winter’s reign is never broken. Spring’s supporters, on the other hand, include characters like Alice, Grandma Dorothy, and Pinocchio, who must stage daring raids and lay cunning traps in order to break the soldiers’ hold on Wintertown.

At the beginning of every game, players are split between the two factions battling for control of Wintertown in order to accomplish their own victory. Each turn, a player activates one of his characters and draws three Story Cards, before having the option to move that character and engage in various activities, such as questing or generating new quests. By completing various quests in key locations around Wintertown, the factions of Spring and Winter are able to achieve victory.

Each faction can begin different quests, ranging from finding a great artifact to making armed retaliation against the rebels. When the story surrounding a quest is successfully completed, the victorious side claims it for themselves, and places it on the Memory track. Quests on the Memory track form part of the larger tale and accelerate the game towards its epic conclusion in the Epilogue.

In an ordinary game, the Epilogue is decided in favor of either Winter or Spring, causing one of them to win the game. However, if there is an odd number of players, a new faction is introduced, and one player takes on the role of the Writer. The Writer controls characters from both Winter and Spring, and uses them all to accomplish his own unique goals. For the Writer to win, he needs to keep the story from ending, forcing a draw between Winter and Spring!

Final Chapter

In Wintertown, players compete for the triumph of either Spring or Winter, but also work together to create a narrative, telling an epic story in an intriguing and satisfying manner. Featuring a series of modules that players can add for deeper strategy, Winter Tales also embodies a mechanism for storytelling unlike any other, resulting in a huge variety of different possible games. As the Regime of Winter battles the rebels, heroic quests are undertaken, and every game becomes a memorable experience.


Release: 4th quarter 2013

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