The Guild’s Judgement – A Review

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Our good friends over at Wyrd Miniatures just delivered us a package of goodies. Included with it was the new The Guild’s Judgement pack for Malifaux. I like my miniatures, so it was natural for me to grab the box and do a quick review.


The box is solid and colorful. I also love the fact that these boxes are appropriate to it’s contents. I hate those boxes of padding and air that some manufacturers use to make the item feel like it’s worth the money. On the back you have the usual images that accurately match the contents of the box.

Malifaux Sprue 3

Action and detail

Now for the things I’m most excited about – the miniatures themselves. Immediately on tipping out the plastic sprues I’m impressed with the detail. The miniatures are loaded with action and super fine details for a plastic miniature. I always love the fact that outer clothing goes on top of the bodies rather than are one-piece.

This means I can gain a level of depth to my miniature that feels above most. Just look at the coat on The Judge (above). This gets added on top of the body assembly for a truly great looking model with lots of movement and layered detail.


Another fact is scale and detail levels, and a great example is to the hands (above). As many miniature enthusiasts will know, hands tend to be very blocky. Fingers together makes for an easy to cast piece. Not so with these. Hands are open with fingers extended making things really dynamic. Male hands are significantly larger than female hands in the right way. Even fingernails are evident, meaning I can get nice and creative with the paint job.

Malifaux Death marshal 2 sprue

Checkout those coffins!

Flashing is a minimum so once I’ve separated piece from sprue it takes very little work before I’m into assembly, base coat and painting. And these miniatures will be a LOT of fun to paint. Checkout those coffins on the 3 Death Marshals (below). Loaded with wood effect but not overly deep or large. Flames lick out of the ground and wood cracks. They’re not just static coffins. Thought and details were added that are realistic in conception making for a fun painting experience.


Only negative is the bases. Compared to the rest they seem cheap and featureless. I guess I wanted a little more since I got so much from the miniatures themselves. That said these are really nice miniatures and I can forgive the bases since I get so much more. Oh and I almost didn’t mention the stat cards. Full color with details for each miniature. Everything we’re used to. Overall a really nice product that I’m looking forward to using.

Code: WYR20101
MSRP: $45.00
Release: September 2013

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