Scoundrels of Skullport

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Scoundrels of Skullport™ adds brand new content for owners of the award-winning, bestselling board game, Lords of Waterdeep. It’s not one, but two, complete expansions; the sprawling dungeon of Undermountain and the criminal haven of Skullport.

Owners of Lords of Waterdeep can use one or both of these new subterranean locations to add depth to their game experience. There’s also a new faction, the Gray Hands, so now a sixth player can join in the fun!

New quests, resources, strategies, and routes to victory! Each thrilling location has unique characteristics and offers new play options, including new Lords, Buildings, Intrigue and Quest cards.

A complete copy of Lords of Waterdeep is required to play, so be sure to also stock up on the original hit game.

MSRP: $39.99
Release: August 20, 2013

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