Reinforcements Coming in October!

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Infinity has announced 4 new additions to their Infinity miniatures line. There is one gorgeous miniature for each faction.



Iguana Squadron (Nomads)

New release! One of the most eagerly awaited releases for Nomad players. Here is the charismatic T.A.G. from Corregidor. Absolutely distinctive thanks to its Ejection System: when this warmachine is severely damaged it ejects its operator, who can keep fighting as a Heavy Infantry trooper armed with a HMG!

Code: CVB280565
MSRP: $53.99
Release: October 2013 


Nesaie Alkê, Thorakitai Warrant Officer (Spitfire)

New release! As cute as this Homeridae is in her free time, she is as terrifying when engaged in combat. This Thorakitai special character becomes a dangerous warrior when she is deployed onto the battlefield. Tactically, Nesaie Alkê is a good option to field for ALEPH’s Steel Phalanx, providing a good support weapon and BS Attribute value for a cheap points Cost. Apart from that, we highly recommend you don’t face her if you are on the other side, the wrong side of the table…

Code: CVB280035
MSRP: $10.99
Release: October 2013 




Caledonian Mormaer (Ariadna)

These are the aristocrats of the Caledonian army. Wearing the most valuable armor and firing the most expensive ammunition, only the finest can join the Mormaer Regiment. And now they get the HMG, the queen of support weapons in its AP version. Let this Teseum-armored trooper lead your Caledonian Army in its assault!

Code: CVB280136
MSRP: $12.99
Release: October 2013 


Croc Man (PanOceania)

The Thermo-Optic infiltrators of PanOceania have a new addition. This release is especially useful when engaging in Close Quarters Battle. With his Boarding Shotgun, the Croc Man loves to get up close and personal!

Code: CVB280266
MSRP: $10.99
Release: October 2013 


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