Reaper Miniatures: Numenara

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Reaper Miniatures and Monte Cook Games LLC announced the release of a boxed set of miniatures for Numenara. The miniatures set features 10 miniatures of characters and creatures, gorgeously sculpted to Reaper’s famed standards. The sculpts are taken directly from Numenera artwork created by artists like Kieran Yanner, Jason Engle, Scott Purdy, and more. They will be released as a box set in August, with a limited quantity available via Monte Cook Games at Gen Con 2013.

Numenera Minis

The miniatures release coincides with the release of the first Numenera RPG; the 416-page hardcover Numenera corebook, Numenera Player’s Guide and several other products will release simultaneously on August 14th

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Release: August 2013

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