Promethuem Exxet, A Supplement for Anima: Beyond Fantasy

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The land of Gaïa is ancient, and artifacts from eras long past can still be found in the forgotten corners of the world. Prometheum Exxet is a thorough compendium of some of the most powerful objects that have managed to survive the countless conflicts of Gaïa and the ravages of time.

Prometheum Exxet gives players the chance to experiment with magic items, from those of minor magical significance to those that contain godlike power, and everything in between. Each of these items is not a mere tool, but has its own tale to tell of its creation and history. Players can now create their own mystic objects to use in crafting their own stories.

Prometheum Exxet: The Supernatural Artifacts, a supplement for Anima: Beyond Fantasy, is available NOW!

MSRP: $39.95
Release: NOW

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