Planet Steam

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Planet Steam, a board game of strategic commerce and resource manipulation for two to five players, is available NOW!

Players will strive to gather more resources than their opponents, and to use those resources with greater efficiency. By using the abilities of influential characters in the Colonies, players will be able to gain a distinct advantage while harvesting, transporting, buying, and selling resources. The credits that each player gains can be used to upgrade their own equipment, but players must be cautious. Too much expenditure will result in beggary, whereas shrewd investment can lead to possessing the most credits, and the ultimate victory over the competition on Planet Steam.

Planet Steam Cards

Stake Claims and Spread Influence

Time is short in Planet Steam, and players have a limited number of rounds to make their fortune. In every round, players must first work to expand their business and lay claim to new zones that can be worked for resources. Players have the opportunity both to bid for the influence of an powerful character in the Colonies, and to lay claim to new areas.

The influence of the mighty characters in Planet Steam can provide the deciding difference for many aspiring prospectors. The Airship Captain allows players to gain the benefit of the supporting airship, the Venturer provides a monetary benefit to players when auctioning a new zone, and Lady Steam allows one player the benefit of going first in every action for the rest of the round.

Manipulate the Flow of Resources

As we examined in a previous preview, much of the action in Planet Steam comes when players are dealing with the tanks used to produce resources. Players that want to upgrade their tanks must spend the resources that they are trying to produce, creating a balancing act between production and demand. Standard tanks only produce water, to be used for steam, but players can buy converters or superchargers to change the types of resources tanks produce, as well as increasing their production capabilities. Tanks can also be shuffled around between zones as players try to create the optimal arrangement for their resource production.

Planet Steam Game Board

When players are finished tinkering with their tanks, they can move on to extracting resources and taking them to market, as illustrated by another preview. Players use energy to make their tanks produce resources, but when those resources are taken to the market, the back-and-forth buying and selling can quickly devalue one resource, while causing the cost of another to sky rocket. By using a quick market intuition, players can know exactly what to ship to the resource terminal in order to intake the maximum amount of credits for their trouble. Players must work quickly to make their fortune, since they only have a few short rounds in which to do so. In Planet Steam fortunes are made and lost almost as quickly as the resource terminal changes.

Planet Steam Box

Planet Steam is all about ruthless and cutthroat market competition, and it’s available NOW!

Code: FFGHB04

MSRP: $59.95

Release: NOW!

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