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Monolith is a fast-paced, confrontational, and exciting worker placement game that will reward players who make use of thoughtful and creative game play strategies. No two games will play the same as changing Fate and Rune cards are introduced to offer phenomenal replayability. Players will be executing exciting combinations and managing valuable resources, all while cautiously engaging other players.


Key Points:

Unparalleled Replayability: A variable game board ensures that every single game will be a new and unique experience

Multiple Ways to Win: Victory conditions enable fast-paced, confrontational, and exciting gameplay with all players capable of winning

Outstanding Solo Gameplay: Moniolith contains cards and rules that were specifically designed fora  great single player experience

Unlimited Combinations: Skills and Powers can be infinitely combined to attack other players and gain valuable resources

Monolith RUNEset


  • 1 Rule Book
  • 1 Score Track
  • 8 VP Player Markers
  • 5 Starting Rune cards
  • 31 Rune cards
  • 2 Solo Play Rune cards
  • 7 Fate cards
  • 3 Blank Rune cards
  • 5 Round cards
  • 12 Power cards
  • 39 Skill cards
  • 4 Player Power cards
  • 1 Primus Token
  • 20 Dice (4 Sets of 5 Dice)
  • 20 Gems

Monolith POWERset

Players: 1-4

Age: 8+

Time: 30 minutes

Code: GAG10000

MSRP: $40

Release: August 2013

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