Magic M14: Booster Battle Packs

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Includes everything two players need to duel, all in one pack!

Magic 2014 Core Set Booster Battle Packs each contain two 22-card decks and two Magic 2014 Core Set booster packs that allow players to instantly customize those decks. Simple rules are included that help players become ready to duel within minutes.

Engaging gameplay for Magic™ players of all skill levels!

Booster Battle Packs are a fun and easy introduction to Limited play and can be enjoyed by players of all levels of experience. New players and tournament veterans alike enjoy opening up packs and instantly being ready to battle a friend.

Great value at an appealing price point!

Booster Battle Packs are an ideal product to offer at point of purchase. It’s a standalone Magic game with two decks and two boosters at a cost that makes it an attractive impulse purchase.

Order Magic 2014 Core Set Booster Battle Packs today!
Release: August 23, 2013

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