Magic Celebration 2013

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Magic Celebration is the must run Magic event of the year! It brings together your entire community of players and lets them build decks, play casual games, and receive a Booster Pack for participating – all at no charge!
Running Magic Celebration is a great way to instantly grow your store’s community.
It’s an exciting event that shows new players the thrill of Magic organized play.
Players that have fun and enjoy playing games with their friends at your store are
likely to attend your future events and become long term customers so make sure to advertise your future events to all attendees.
Magic Celebration has a brand new format that’s a great way to introduce players to
the concept of sealed deck. Players will build decks using:

  • 1 Magic 2014 Core Set Booster Pack.
  • 1 Magic 2014 Core Set Sample Deck of the player’s choice, after the player has opened their booster pack.

Decks are created by combining desired cards from the Booster Pack with the entire
Sample Deck. The event is open play, and once a player has completed three matches they’ll be awarded a Magic 2014 Core Set Booster Pack as a prize.
Participants will receive an Planeswalker Points Achievement Badge for attending
the event when you report their play in Wizards Event Reporter. Make sure to
encourage new players to sign up for their DCI numbers and let them know that they
can view their Achievements online at
Magic Celebration Event Kit*:

  • 36 Magic 2014 Core Set Booster Packs
  • 20 Magic 2014 Core Set Sample Decks
  • 20 Activity Cards
  • 20 Flyers promoting the next Magic set, Theros
  • 10 DCI membership cards

*Each Magic Celebration kit contains support for 18 players. WPN Core level stores will receive one kit. WPN Advanced level stores will receive two kits


Sign up for Magic Celebration in Wizards Event Reporter today!


When: September 7, 2013

Sanctioning Opens: July 8, 2013

Sanctioning Closes: August 7, 2013

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