Daimyos Battling in Feudal Japan

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Daimyo – [dahy-myaw] – one of many powerful and influential land holders in feudal Japan that served under the Shogun.

Age of War is a game of conquest set in feudal Japan.  This little 5″x5″ box offers 2-6 players the opportunity to play as a daimyo and exert their will by conquering castles and uniting warring clans.

Each player starts their turn by rolling all 7 dice and looking for a castle to attack by applying the results to a single battle line.  Continuing with a series of re-rolls and diminishing dice, players capture castles and place them in front of their play area to count towards points at the end of the game.  However, players may conquer other player’s castles unless a daimyo has conquered all castles from a specific clan, then bonus points are awarded and those castles are secure for the rest of the game.


Age of War Components
The box contains:

  • a single full color fold out rules sheet
  • 14 Castle Cards
  • 7 multi-colored custom dice



Attractive Display

Age of War BlisterAlderac Entertainment has made a great decision to put this small game box in a hanging blister with a sombrero hole for your peg hooks.  This keeps the game from getting lost on a shelf full of larger boxed board games and allows customers to see the cover art in all of its glory.


Code: FFGKN24
MSRP: $12.95
Release: Available now!


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