A storm is coming!

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Get ready for some turbulence in the galaxy with Cosmic Storm, an upcoming expansion for Cosmic Encounter!

This new addition sets the galaxy trembling as twenty-five alien races come zipping through the cosmos to join the fray. Space stations are an added variant that allow players to enhance their home worlds. Each space station has a unique ability that can be harnessed as you battle for intergalactic supremacy.

More than just a home in space!

Space stations are compatible with all other published variants, so they can be integrated with your favorite Cosmic Encounter expansions! What’s more, space stations can be incorporated into your game in several different ways. If playing with five or fewer players, each player can take two space station cards, and attach two space stations to their home worlds. This gives you access to an additional space station powers to use as you attempt to take over the galaxy!

New ways to win!

The Space Station Conquest variant introduces a new win condition – the first player to acquire five space stations is the winner. In this variant, players can conquer space stations by winning offensive encounters outside of their home system. If a planet has a space station attached, the offensive player may remove it, and attach it to one of his own home planets that doesn’t yet have a space station attached.

Cosmic Storm includes:

  • Twenty-five new aliens
  • Thirty-five cards, including twenty-five flare cards and ten space station cards
  • Ten space station markers
  • Eight tokens

Code: FFGCE05

MSRP: $24.99

Release: September 2013


Cosmic Encounter:

This classic game of alien politics returns from the warp once more. It features 50 alien races, flare cards to boost their powers, 100 plastic ships, a host of premium components, and all-new tech cards that let players research and build extraordinary technological marvels!

No two games are the same!


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